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Shane Morand

The 27Percenter Success System is a breakthrough in the Network Marketing Industry!



FACT: 70% of distributors who join the Network Marketing industry will never sponsor anyone... Ever!  They will never make their first $1 - And they will never enjoy the "success" this amazing industry has to offer.  The truth is they will QUIT! 


FACT: 3% are people like me, who will always make it to the top no matter what the product, service or company.  That's what the 3Percenters do!


But That's Only 3%


FACT: 27% of Distributors want to learn, grow personally, and are willing to build a business for their future.  They want to enjoy the enormous success and rewards this industry has to offer, they want to build a real career, and they have what it takes to actually develop and grow a business.


In other words, they have a DESIRE to WIN!


Most of the 27Percenters start part-time with a big dream and eventually end up full-time. Here is their biggest challenge...  They lack access to the mentorship and or required systematic ongoing dependable training to help them along the way to success.   This is a BIG PROBLEM for most!


This message is dedicated to the 27Percenter or if you are a 3% who wants to lift the 27Percenter within your organization to enormous success.


This is by far the best technology and learning tool ever developed for the Network Marketing Industry PERIOD!


If you are serious about your career in Network Marketing, do not let another day go by without registering for your free 30-day trial!


You have absolutely nothing to lose and you now have your future in the Network Marketing industry to gain!  DREAM BIGGER!


Commit to 30 days of the 27Percenter Success System now! 


You will feel the difference in your business no matter what the specific product, service or company you have chosen to promote and grow.


If you are already a Network Marketing Leader, use this system to "bulletproof" your organization and take your entire team to the next level of success!


A big thank you to George Madiou, CEO of Network Marketing Magazine and Dale Calvert, Network Marketing Industry Legend, for the time and energy they have invested in this system to help so many people achieve their dreams in the Network Marketing Industry with proven methods without FLUFF!


Regardless of the company you represent, the product or service you are promoting, invest the next 30 days in yourself and you will quickly realize the power the 27Percenter Success System can have on you and your entire team moving forward.



I Wish You Success!

Shane Morand

Timeless Wisdom/Cutting Edge Technology

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  • Inspire

    Daily Inspiration with SMS text reminders to keep you engaged and inspire you to greatness daily.

  • Educate

    Just-in-time microlearning delivered daily that will guide you down the path of personal and business growth.

  • Motivate

    People work harder when you keep score. This system motivates you through a gamified, real-time scoreboard.

  • Apply

    A systematic, "gamified" way to ensure daily application of the lessons being taught. No other training in the industry can utilize our exclusive application system.

  • Social Encouragement 

    Reflect on and share your most significant win every day. Give and receive Digital High Fives that will motivate yourself and others in building your business.

  • Track

    See a view of your goal progression and be able to access all the content that motivated your actions on your journey to building your successful business.

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